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Is there a way to show the current row and column position in vi? In vim, I know there is the set ruler command, but what are my options when using vi?

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Vi(since 1978) doesn't have most of features which ViM (since 1991) has introduced. And most Vi-like editors doesn't extend much Vi command and option set. – Eir Nym Nov 19 '11 at 15:25

You can do set number to show the line number at the beginning of each line. However, in original vi, there doesn't seem to be an option to show the current column.

There is a way to at least position the cursor at a specific column. Do 25| to position the cursor at column 25 of the current line.

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You can press Ctrl+G to temporarily display some useful information in the bottom left corner, including line- and column number of the cursor, the name of the file and more.

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OK so this is from memory, from years ago.

Vi has a status bar line - and I've seen it setup to report the column number of the cursor in the status bar... just don't remember how that was accomplished.

Yes, this was vi not vim - on solaris, or sunos maybe.

HTH, -pbr

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