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I was trying to migrate an DOS aplication on a dos emulator, I was pretty sure that dosemu was the answer ... but a couple of errors ocurred on the program. So I tryied dosbox.

The thing is, under putty a windows user will autenticate to the OpenSUSE server an then the program will autoexecute.

I was able to do that on dosemu but how do I do that on dosbox?

To do that on dosemu, I edited the .profile and added this:

stty cols 80 rows 25

then on the .dosemu/drive_c/, I edited the autoexec.bat

lredir f: software_folder
echo "Welcome to dosemu %DOSEMU_VERSION%!"
unix -e
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The general way to change or add to the autoexec, is in the .dosbox/dosbox-X.XX.conf. At the end of the file is the section ...


Place your commands after that decleration, they will execute when dosbox starts.

If you need to create something like a "shortcut", which is not specific to your users's dosbox config. You can specify commands with -c COMMAND. You need one for each command, but multiple can be used. You can also create a custom .conf file and specify that with -conf CONF_FILE

Specifically for the example you posted, your [autoexec] would look like this.


Also it's worth mentioning, I belive dosbox lacks an internal MODE.COM. If you want to use MODE.COM anyway, you must load MODE.COM from a copied FreeDOS binary. It might be easier to just use an alternate program, which doesn't require being loaded first.

In general, I also like both dosbox and dosemu. I use dosbox for anything that is graphical, as It seems to have hassle free video support. I use dosemu, when things must be run without X, or when they must have direct access to hardware.

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thanks @TechZilla, but what I did is adding this: dosbox "folder_of_the_softwre/the_software.exe" on the .profile. then When I use putty and log in the soft executes... =D – user12183 Feb 2 '12 at 20:45
If you already found an answer you should either accept mine :P... Or submit your own, and accept yourself. You won't get points for a self accept, but it won't bring down your accept rating. A bad accept rating turns off many users from submitting an answer. – TechZilla Feb 2 '12 at 20:47
However, You do get points for accepting a non-self answer. Its always best to close out questions when possible. – TechZilla Feb 2 '12 at 20:50

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