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I've setup grep colors in my ~/.bashrc :

export GREP_COLORS='ms=01;34:mc=01;34:sl=:cx=:fn=35:ln=32:bn=32:se=36'

They work for

  • grep --color=auto
  • grep --color=always

Unfortunately, those custom colors are ignored by:

  • git grep --color=auto
  • git grep --color=always

How to make git grep to use above $GREP_COLORS colors ?

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Git doesn't call the external grep utility, it has its own internal command which is called git grep and has similar but not identical options. –  Gilles Feb 2 '12 at 1:16

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You should explicitly configure colors in git's configuration file.

Interesting information are found in git-config man page, in particular look for the configuration variable color.grep.<slot>

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