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I currently have a file that I'd like to pass through a _roff to format with underline a few words in the file, and then view the file in less. Just a few, mind you, not whole sections or anything.

How do i underline specific words in a file with _roff?

NB: I know I have groff and nroff.
NNB: I don't know a whole lot about type formatting.

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At least with groff (I'm not sure it's portable), .ul gives you underline.

groff -Tascii <'<EOF'
This is a single line
with four underlined words
and more non-underline words.

If the only formatting you want is underlining, there may be an easier way. For example less automatically converts the sequence character-backspace-underscore (or underscore-backspace-character) to the underlined character; it also converts character-backspace-character to boldface.

echo $'one u\b_n\b_d\b_e\b_r\b_l\b_i\b_n\b_e\b_d\b_ word' | less
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Your second suggestion - is this something less-specific? It sounds rather magical. – J. Polfer Oct 12 '10 at 22:10
@sheepsimulator: Yes. See the description of the -u and -U in the less manual. Another less trick: LESS='+/ -u' man less – Gilles Oct 12 '10 at 22:17

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