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I'm trying to boot a Fedora Rawhide LXC container from a Fedora 16 host, and it's not working - systemd just keeps dropping into emergency mode. Because udevd doesn't work in LXC containers, I thought I'd try disabling udevd inside the guest, but I can't manage to do this.

You'd think that

systemctl disable udev.service

would do the trick, but it doesn't. I can see that udevd is still being spawned by running pstree in the host.

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The command is systemctl to control the services under systemd

to disable the service from running next time: systemctl disable udevd.service

to stop the service currently running : systemctl stop udevd.service

Go through these doc links from the author of systemd



They are lengthy, but worth a leisure reading, and yet important, since major Linux distributions are having this crucial time to leap into next leg of improvement/enhancements with systemd, leaving behind some (old school of thoughts) SysV style operations.

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Sorry - I made a couple of typos. That's basically what I did, but it doesn't work. – Robin Green Jan 30 '12 at 21:36

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