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Is there any graphical file-manager which supports thumbnails for linux like thunar or nautilus, which allows me to filter a directory by a regular expression. For example typing /home/user/*tex should show all tex-files, or [AB].* all files starting with A or B etc.

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The midnight-commander, which is a kind of hybrid between graphical and text based, supports globbing, which is, what you show in your examples.

Therefor, filemanagers which claim to be graphical versions of midnight-commander (Krusador?) should be able to do it.

A difference between globbing and regex is, for example

 foo*bar in regex means foobar, fooobar, foooooooobar etc.
 foo*bar in globbing means foo.bar fooxbar, all of the above. 

[AB] means the same, but a dot is a wildcard here, and a dot there.

 ca[nt].png  matches cat.png and can.png in both cases, 
 but catopng only as regex. 

A single wildcard character in globbing is ?: ca? is for example cat, can, car and so on.

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You'll find on Wikipedia a complete list of file managers, with a detailed comparison of what search/regexp features they offers. You'll have to cross-results with *nix-compatible ones, though.

It seems that at least Konqueror and Dolphin support regexp and thumbnails.

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