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Where does the list of "Available Applications" come from? How can items/categories be added/deleted?

On LXPanel - "Add/Remove Panel Items":

Panel Preferences
|Panel Applets|
|Currently loaded plugins|
[Application Launch Bar]     <Edit>

Application Launch Bar
|Applications|          <Add>         |Available Applications|
.                       <Remove>        .
.                       <Up>            .   
.                       <Down>          .
.                                       .

I am using lubuntu 11.10, LXPanel 0.5.8.

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Available applications are by default at /usr/share/applications.

New items can be added to ~/.local/share/applications.

In order to edit an item, copy the corresponding .desktop file from /usr/share/applications to ~/.local/share/applications and edit it there.

To remove an application, also copy it, and then add the line Hidden=true to the bottom of the file.

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