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I am trying to configure some external commands in Gedit3, for compiling LaTeX files. All works well, except for the following. I have a LaTeX document, consisting of many parts. Each file begins with

% mainfile: name_of_main_file.tex

So in bash I'm trying to extract the first line of each file, and from that line extract name_of_main_file.tex and compile that. So the question is: what is the quickest way of extracting name_of_main_file.tex, loading it into a variable, say $MAINFILE, so that then I can compile that?

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for file in *.tex; do
  read _ _ mainfile < "$file"
  echo "$file : $mainfile"

Note: I am assuming the files you want to extract the first lines from are .tex files, if this is not the case then change the *.tex part accordingly

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Excellent! Works like a charm. Thanks! The loop is actually unnecessary for me, since what I'm really trying to accomplish is this: I have a file opened in gedit, which is not necessarily the master LaTeX file, but its first line tells me what the master file is. I am trying to extract that line and compile the master file. Anyway, thanks for your help, it works! – William Jan 24 '12 at 9:13

This should do the work (untested):

sed -sn 1p *.tex | cut -f2 -d: | xargs latex
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(+1) especially for the reminder about sed -s... – Peter.O Jan 24 '12 at 10:37
Do you maybe want to add sort -u to cut down on the duplicates passed to xargs? – glenn jackman Jan 24 '12 at 18:13

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