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The standard CUPS configuration on debian squeeze allows only access from localhost.

I would like to allow all LAN users the same permissions. The LAN is behind a secured router. Access to the eb interface and ürinting and full job control is the minimal that all clients should be able to do without login.

What do I need to change and where in my cups configuration?


For others looking for an answer, try this howto


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I found a simple way to do it over the browser.

Just went to http://localhost:631 and then to administration. On the right side there are several options, I activated these and restarted:

  • Share printers connected to this system
  • Allow printing from the Internet
  • Advertise web interface
  • Allow remote administration
  • Allow users to cancel any job (not just their own)

Now I can go to the cups server of the machine from any other browser on the lan:


And also printing from other machines works.

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Worked for me on debian wheezy. – J. Katzwinkel Nov 9 '13 at 17:52

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