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I have two hard drives installed on my machine. I installed Windows 7 on one hard drive and FreeBSD 9 on the other. I used GPT for FreeBSD. My question is: how can I install a boot manager so that I can dual boot? (In FreeBSD 8, sysinstall asks for a boot manager but bsdinstall doesn't?)

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You can set the mask -m in boot0cfg as follow:

-m 0x01 = 0001 (binary value): shows F1
-m 0x02 = 0010 (binary value): shows F2
-m 0x03 = 0011 (binary value): shows F2 et F1
-m 0x04 = 0100 (binary value): shows F3
-m 0x05 = 0101 (binary value): shows F3 et F1
-m 0x06 = 0110 (binary value): shows F3 et F2
-m 0x07 = 0111 (binary value): shows F3, F2, F1
-m 0x08 = 1000 (binary value): shows F4
-m 0x09 = 1001 (binary value): shows F4 et F1
-m 0x0A = 1010 (binary value): shows F4 et F2
-m 0x0B = 1011 (binary value): shows F4, F2,F1
-m 0x0C = 1100 (binary value): shows F4 et F3
-m 0x0D = 1101 (binary value): shows F4, F3, F1
-m 0x0E = 1110 (binary value): shows F4, F3, F2
-m 0x0F = 1111 (binary value): shows F4, F3, F2, F1

So, if you want to keep F1 and F4 in the menu, you can type:

$ boot0cfg -m 0x09 -B ada0

The result is:


In my opinion, it is good to start with MASK -m 0x0F in order to show all available boot partition in menu, and then, you can customize later:

$ boot0cfg -m 0x0F -B ada0

The result is:


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You can use also this guide for dual-booting Windows 7 and Unix descendants like FreeBSD.

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Checkout the boot0cfg(8) manpage .

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I was talking to FreeBSD people and they posted a HOWTO on how to do the dual boot.

Simple dual-boot Windows and FreeBSD 9 under MBR

Other useful links:

How To: Dual Boot Windows 7 and FreeBSD

How to install grub2 on FreeBSD

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