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I am using Fedora 16. Every time I run Azureus, it says that it just completed an important update and needs to restart. How can I fix this? Obviously restarting it is not helping.

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There could probably be numerous reasons for this to happen. My first guess would be wrong permissions on config directories, i.e. something like ~/.azureus owned by root, such that an update initiated with a non-root user account cannot succeed.

But have a look at the VuzeWiki page on "Failed Updates", the procedure explained there could help you.

Maybe you get some diagnostic output when you lauch it from a terminal, possibly with a debug/verbosity flag [1] (try adding --help for further information). This is all rather general advice, I have no clue about Azureus, sorry.

[1] From another Wiki site:

-Dazureus.log.stdout=1 Send all log output to standard out / console / terminal.

Maybe this is informative.

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