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ssh can use to run remote commands.

ssh ''

I run a long script that will take a lot of time, but I want to close my computer and keep running the script in the remote server. I know how to achieve this with GNU Screen, but I need do it via ssh.

Can I do that without interrupting my script?

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What's wrong with starting screen on the remote server? – choroba Jan 19 '12 at 14:52

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Use "nohup" to run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty:

nohup your_command &

and to run a command via ssh, without first logging into the remote machine:

ssh user_name@machine_address "nohup" &
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ssh user@server "nohup >/var/log/output.log 2>&1 &"

That should run the remote command without leaving a running ssh process on your client.

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$ ssh screen -dm
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