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I am using the NERDTree plugin for Vim. When using the s: open vsplit command, is it possible to resize the windows so that the file takes up a larger portion of the screen than the directory tree?

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Weird, so you are saying the directory tree has the same width as the document? How many documents do you have opened? If just one then you should use Enter, not s. – phunehehe Jan 19 '12 at 12:00

You can set the default with of NERDTree through NERDTreeWinSize, e.g. let NERDTreeWinSize = 1 in .vimrc. You can adjust the size of the windows through the normal VIM commands, see :help window-resize.

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Check your settings for equalalways and eadirection, as they dictate what size new windows start out as. If equalalways is set, then all new windows will be created equal in width, height, or both, depending on the value of eadirection.

Also, the NERDTree setting: NERDTreeWinSize defaults to a width of 31 characters, you may want to adjust that (after checking the equalalways and eadirection options in vim too)

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