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I have Googled this but cannot find it. I am currently using Kubuntu 11.10 64-bit. I am trying to set up an exceptions list for my proxy using the KDE control panel but when I try use common wildcard symbols, I get the error message:

Make sure none of the addresses or URLs you specified contain invalid or 
wildcard characters such as spaces, asterisks (*), or question marks(?).

Does there exist a wildcard that can be used here? If not, what is the easiest way of setting up my exceptions list?

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You can only set exceptions for a specific host or a specific subdomain. If you want to exclude all hosts under the example.com domain, specify .example.com as an exception.

If you were trying to write *.example.com, then .example.com is what you meant. If you were trying to write a??.example.com to exclude a12.example.com and a47.example.com but not a1.example.com or b42.example.com, you'll have to list all the items explicitly, or use a PAC file.

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