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i downloaded emacs-jabber from git and it created a directory called emacs-jabber and it had files like jabber.el , configure.ac etc. installation guide told me to use

./configure and make and make install

to install jabber.el but when i did


i did this in emacs-jabber folder that was created

it shows no such file or directory and please tell how to integrate facebook with emacs-jabber Thanks

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Copy-paste the exact commands you ran (so that we know from what directories you ran them and so on). And copy-paste the error messages you got. (“no such file or directory”, yeah, ok, but which file? We don't know because you didn't copy-paste.) – Gilles Jan 18 '12 at 23:21
i had updated the question – harish.venkat Jan 22 '12 at 4:12
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They use automake and autoconf. The README mentions that, but slightly below the part on ./configure, make, etc:

Special notes for GIT version


To generate the configure script, make sure that autoconf and automake are installed and run "autoreconf -i".

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