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I'm using latest CentOS with Gnome, and using bookmarked FTP connection, that connects to my server, and mounts remote directory. The thing is, I see no way to configure that FTP client, whatever that is. I get timeout's too often, and annoying popup of that, makes me do submit changes twice.

So, question: how to configure integrated filesystem FTP connection/mounting tool, to set up some sort of connection keep-alive.

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Assuming you're using Nautilus' integrated FTP client stuff, one option would be switching to another FTP-filesystem solution, e.g. CurlFtpFS which is based on FUSE (and seems to be packaged for CentOS), and might help, since it

automatically reconnect[s] if the server times out

See its man page for options. Anyway, I guess its integration into you graphical user interface naturally lags behind Nautilus' integrated FTP client (i.e., if something fails expect non-descriptive error messages from Nautilus).

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