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The thing is that I have GoogleTalk plugin, also used for Google+ hangouts, and it works in my netbook, on Ubuntu. But on my laptop, using the same Ubuntu (Oneric) and having used the camera on Cheese so it works, Google+ shows a black screen while trying to use webcam in hangouts.

This is weird, I have installed libv4l-0 and forced GoogleTalkPlugin to preload it. Starting from a console, it shows:

[009:591] Got cookie response, socket is authorized
[009:591] AUTHORIZED; socket handshake complete
[014:536] HandleOnlineCheck: Starting check
[014:536] HandleOnlineCheck: OK; current state: 3
[031:321] Error(scriptinterface.cc:288): Passed a non-object for onmessasge_callback
Check failed: g_shutdown_pipe_write_fd != -1
[113:230] Warning(clientchannel.cc:678): Connection to GoogleTalkPlugin lost, reason=0
[113:367] Error(scriptinterface.cc:288): Passed a non-object for onmessasge_callback

I just don't know why I cannot get it to work. My netbook (hp-mini) works fine with an integrated camera.

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