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I've used NEdit since about 2003. NEdit's whitespace highlighting is subtle and I prefer it to the dot other editors put in whitespace. NEdit's background normally is light grey and whitespace is rendered as white without a dot (and tabs in a darker gray).

However, NEdit doesn't support UTF-8 encoding, so I don't intend to use NEdit for much longer. I've (reluctantly) determined that gedit is the presently available editor that is closest to what I want.

I am trying to replicate NEdit's look in gedit without success. I can change the style of the spaces shown with the "Draw Spaces" plugin by adding the following to the gedit style file:

<style name="draw-spaces" foreground="color"/>

The foreground property only changes the color of the dot. There does not appear to be a corresponding background property to change the background. I thought if I made foreground and background the same color then I could replicate NEdit's look.

How can I change the background color of the whitespace highlighting in gedit without also changing the background color of the remainder of the text?

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