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Using the command line, I'd like show a notification on every running X display. ( and running console )

Something like:

notify-send-all 'Warning' 'Nuclear launch in 5 minutes, please evacuate'

Is there a program that will do this? If not, can this be implemented with bash?

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You can send a message to all consoles with the command wall.

For sending notifications under X there is notify-send which sends a notification to the current user on the current display. (From your question, I guess you already know this one.) You can build upon this with some bash scripting. Basically you have to find out which users are on which X-Displays. Once you got this info you can use notify-send like this:

DISPLAY=:0 sudo -u fschmitt notify-send "Message"

Where fschmitt is the user at display 0. You can parse the output of the "who" command to find all users and their displays. The output looks like this

[edinburgh:~]$ who
markmerk3 tty7         2010-09-23 10:59 (:0)
markmerk3 pts/1        2010-09-30 13:30 (:0.0)
fschmitt pts/2        2010-10-08 11:44 (ip-77-25-137-234.web.vodafone.de)
markmerk3 pts/0        2010-09-29 18:51 (:0.0)
seamonkey pts/6        2010-09-27 15:50 (:1.0)
markmerk3 pts/5        2010-09-27 14:04 (:0.0)
seamonkey tty8         2010-09-27 15:49 (:1)
markmerk3 pts/13       2010-09-28 17:23 (:0.0)
markmerk3 pts/3        2010-10-05 10:40 (:0.0)

You see, there are two users running X sessions, markmerk3 at display 0 and seamonkey at display 1. I think you need to grep for tty[0-9]* then assure that at the end of the line there is (:[0-9.]*) to get rid of console logins and extract the display id from the string between the parentheses.

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The command who tells you who is logged in and on which X display that login is. You just might have to filter it somewhat. – tante Oct 8 '10 at 9:49
Thanks tante, I incorporated this. – fschmitt Oct 8 '10 at 9:50
While it is probably better to just use a loop in a shell script you could always do something like who | awk '/\(:[0-9]+\)/ {gsub("[:|(|)]","");print "DISPLAY=:"$5 " sudo -u " $1 " notify-send \"Message\""}' | bash. Also, you might want to see unix.stackexchange.com/questions/1596/… – Steven D Oct 8 '10 at 15:34

I needed this too for some system-wide notifications. Here is my solution. It scans /proc to find all session busses and then it executes notify-send on each of it (once per bus). All arguments are passed unchanged to real notify-send.


/bin/grep -sozZe '^DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=[a-zA-Z0-9:=,/-]*$' /proc/*/environ \
| /usr/bin/php -r '
        $busses = array();
        while($ln = fgets(STDIN)) {
                list($f, $env) = explode("\0", $ln, 2);
                if (file_exists($f)) {
                        $user = fileowner($f);
                        $busses[$user][trim($env)] = true;
        foreach ($busses as $user => $user_busses) {
                foreach ($user_busses as $env => $true) {
                        if (pcntl_fork()) {
                                $env_array = array("DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS" => preg_replace("/^DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=/", "", $env));
                                pcntl_exec("/usr/bin/notify-send", $argv, $env_array);
' -- "$@"
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users=$(who | awk '{print $1}')

for user in $users<br>
        DISPLAY=:0 sudo -u $user notify-send "hello!!"
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