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So I want to learn using Solaris [Diskgroups, etc.]. I recently found out that there is an OS named OpenSolaris:


Is it a good point to learn Solaris? Or it's different then Solaris? How much it differs from it?

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You can read the history of OpenSolaris from that article you link, and a bit on the main Solaris page on Wikipedia. That tells you that indeed, OpenSolaris is/was very close to plain Solaris.

Given that some modules - the core in particular - are not published as open source code anymore by Oracle, OpenSolaris (or the other open source derivatives) is likely to drift a bit from Solaris but if it's just to get started, it's still fine.

Also note that you can download Solaris 11 from OTN, including a live CD version and pre-built VM images for x86. If you check the FAQ for these downloads, you'll see (near the end) that they can be used without a support contract for non-production uses – read that section and the licensing requirements carefully to make sure it applies to you, as you should do with any licensing agreement.

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Note that OpenSolaris has been discontinued ever since the acquiring by Oracle. You can always checkout the fork called OpenIndiana – rahmu Jan 8 '12 at 12:58

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