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I have been spoiled by the ease with which I can connect my iPad up to MIDI applications on my Macbook using the native support for midi-over-the-network (apparently RTP-MIDI) provided by the CoreMIDI subsystem in both OS X and iOS.

Is there a compatible Linux implementation? I have found some tantalizing references out there that indicate there may be one, but I haven't been able to find any concrete information.

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The original reference implementation (of RFC4695 - now updated to RFC6295) from the guys who developed it is available as part an older version of their sfront software.

A more up to date implementation is available in the Java based nmj library, which apparently works with iOS: http://www.humatic.de/htools/nmj

There is also the interesting scenic project that contains Python based rtpmidi support (from which the now discontinued midistream Debian package was derived). In the Scenic source tree the actual midistream python application is here scenic/py/scripts/midistream.in, and the associated library may be found here: scenic/py/rtpmidi

Some more Windows based software (free but not open source): http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software.html

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