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foreach $hostname (@hostnameUniqueSorted){
    $ipaddr = inet_ntoa((gethostbyname($hostname))[4]);
    if(chomp($ipaddr) =~ '^$') $ipaddr == "ip not avail";   <-- doesn't work

If the host doesn't return an IP address, it would break and show:

Usage: Socket::inet_ntoa(ip_address_sv) at ./abc line 24.

How do I catch it and assign maybe 'ip not avail' for the $ipaddr?

I added the last line but it doesn't work.

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You should be checking the return value of gethostbyname - it returns an empty list if the host is not found, and inet_ntoa can't deal with that.

Try something like the following:

foreach my $hostname (@hostnameUniqueSorted) {
    my @host = gethostbyname($hostname);
    if (scalar(@host) == 0) {
        $ipaddr = "not found";
    } else {
        $ipaddr = inet_ntoa($host[4]);
    print $hostname, " => ", $ipaddr, "\n";

Note that your syntax is incorrect, {} are necessary after the if condition. And I don't believe chomp returns anything, so that test invalid. (And == is for comparison only, not assignment.)

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Thanks, it works exactly like i want it to. – user11496 Jan 4 '12 at 10:07

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