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With Ubuntu 11.04 or 11.10 I was able to record Minecraft video with the following command:

recordmydesktop --windowid $(xdotool selectwindow) --no-cursor --full-shots --fps 25 --no-wm-check --no-frame -o ~/out.ogv

After installing Linux Mint 12, this fails in several ways:

  • Most of the time the recording area doesn't align with the application window I just clicked - Maybe the geometry is not reported correctly (I'm using Compiz on a dual-screen desktop)
  • When the area aligns the recording dimensions are not quite correct - It looks like the area of the frame is still included.
  • When the Minecraft window is even within the frame, no motion can be seen in the resulting video. Video is still recorded, because if I remove --no-cursor I can see it moving around.
  • Sometimes it seems like it completely ignores the Minecraft window and records whatever is behind it.
  • VLC and MPlayer seem to have trouble playing the resulting file, while Totem works.

Any idea of a fix? If not, has anybody been able to record Minecraft videos on Linux Mint 12 64bit?

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