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Problem: We are hosting an application on remote server. We need to test it with a limited network bandwidth (for users with bad Internet access).

Question: Can I limit my internet bandwidth (in Fedora 14)? For instance: 128 KB per second.

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You can throttle the network bandwidth on the interface using the command called tc Man page available at http://linux.die.net/man/8/tc

A useful script is found at


Or for more simple, use wondershaper:


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If your application is exposed via http/https then you can use firefox-throttle else use NIST which is a network emulation package.

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Limiting network resources based on some criterias is the subject of QoS. There are several different ways to control user traffic on Linux systems.

There is a good How-to about advanced routing techniques and traffic control on Linux by Bert Hubert.

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If you already have an Apache setup somewhere, you can use mod_bw, which also works on proxied connections (i.e. Apache just forwards everything to the proper server, but slows the responses down.)

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Dummynet does what you want and more, you can even control the latency, random packet loss and lots more.

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