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I'd like to run a screen if the Gnome session is locked and unlocked. Is there a way that I can intercept this and perform certain actions when the desktop is locked or unlocked?

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gnome-screensaver emits some signals on dbus when something happens.

Here the documentation (with some examples).

You could write a scripts that runs:

dbus-monitor --session "type='signal',interface='org.gnome.ScreenSaver'"

and that does what you need anytime dbus-monitor prints a line about the screen locked/unlocked.

Here a bash command to do what you need:

dbus-monitor --session "type='signal',interface='org.mate.ScreenSaver'" |
  while read x; do
    case "$x" in 
      *"boolean true"*) echo SCREEN_LOCKED;;
      *"boolean false"*) echo SCREEN_UNLOCKED;;  

Just replace echo SCREEN_LOCKED and echo SCREEN_UNLOCKED with what you need.

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Hi @peoro, That makes me think you can unlock or lock gnome screen/session from a scripted program, worth doing some ssh tricks about it ;-) – Nikhil Mulley Jan 3 '12 at 5:13
@Nikhil: to do that you don't need to play around with dbus: gnome-screensaver-command is already there. Passing -a to gnome-screensaver-command you'll lock the screen, while you'll unlock it with -d. Anyway most gnome apps use dbus extensively, so you'll be able to do many amazing things with it. – peoro Jan 3 '12 at 5:18
@peoro Thanks great, very helpful! Can I also run this as some sort of daemon? When I enter this in the terminal now, it has to stay open to monitor the dbus for that case. I would like to execute this command at login and then it can be active during the entire session. – Sander Jan 4 '12 at 16:13
I think things may have changed now in 2014? as the output doesnt change if the screen was only locked, it only shows something when it gets blanked and is very different from here :(, I created this question askubuntu.com/questions/505681/…, do you believe there is still some way to do that? thx! – Aquarius Power Aug 2 '14 at 2:18

In ubuntu 14.04 the DBus event for screen lock unlock has changed and the new script for binding to screen lock and unlock events looks like the following

dbus-monitor --session "type='signal',interface='com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6'" | \
  while true; do
    read X
    if echo $X | grep "desktop-lock" &> /dev/null; then
    elif echo $X | grep "desktop-unlock" &> /dev/null; then
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ideas on how to make this work on fedora 23? – Ray Foss Apr 30 at 21:49

this is what worked for me in ubuntu 16.04

dbus-monitor --session "type=signal,interface=org.gnome.ScreenSaver" | 
  while read MSG; do
    LOCK_STAT=`echo $MSG | grep boolean | awk '{print $2}'`
    if [[ "$LOCK_STAT" == "true" ]]; then
        echo "was locked"
        echo "was un-locked"
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