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We run a test script from a cron regularly , before initiating any actions this test script clears the /var/log/messages and after performing the actions it analyzes the data in /var/log/messages . This is not desired behavior as clearing of device logs is involved at start of test.

How can I capture device logs only between when test runs. So that test can analyze only that data?

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Maybe there are less kludgy ways, but you could run

tail -0f /var/log/messages > captured_logs

while your test script runs; or use

logger -i "Test started"
# ...test script...
logger -i "Test stopped"

(see logger) and grep for the section afterwards from the complete log. Beware, I'm not sure what happens when the logs turn over, so a more robust solution might be to read from syslogds socket (-p option), e.g. with socat

socat UNIX-CLIENT:/var/run/log STDOUT

where something more sophisticated than STDOUT might suit your needs better. (You could even run your own syslogd instance for the specific time, configured (-a option) to capture the logs from this socket.)

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