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I originally asked this question over on Super User, but I didn't get any answers.

I'm trying to set up Xdmx on my Macbook Pro and my Ubuntu 10.04 workstation so that I can share my MBP's keyboard and mouse as well as X applications running on the workstation across the laptop display, a laptop attached monitor, and the workstation's monitor.

  1. Where do I find the latest Xdmx? The Sourceforge site says that the code there is unmaintained and the project has been merged into Xserver. I can't find an up to date source or binary distribution.

  2. How do I install it? Is there a package file? Do I have to build from source?

  3. Are there other options for accomplishing what I've described above?

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Are you sure there is a port of xdmx to the Mac? I tried all my Google karma but couldn't find anything. – fschmitt Oct 6 '10 at 11:51

It turns out that trying to run Xdmx from the Mac was the wrong approach. Instead I ran it from the Linux workstation. The steps to accomplish this are something like the following:

  1. Install xpra on both systems.
  2. Start xpra on the Linux workstation and attach to it from the MBP (instructions in the above link).
  3. Start one Xephyr window on the workstation with Xephyr :101 &

  4. Start another on the MBP via Xpra: DISPLAY=:13 Xephyr :101 &

  5. Finally, start Xdmx as described here

Xdmx -configfile xdmx.conf -config clone_config +xinerama -input :100 -input :101 :102&

At this point, apps started on DISPLAY=:102 will show up on both systems, but it's not really usable at this point. Note that the commands in #3, 4, and 5 are all run on the workstation.

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hi @Matt, Your 5th point is hyper-linked to a web-page, which is no more available, can you add that if you have noted. If you have it, please edit your answer accordingly. – Tejas Mar 18 '14 at 8:47

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