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I am using fail2ban with ipfw on FreeBSD. Is there a way to ignore a specific ip address, making sure that fail2ban never blocks or reports it?

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See whitelisting on the fail2ban website:

# This will ignore connection coming from common private networks.
# Note that local connections can come from other than just, so
# this needs CIDR range too.
ignoreip =

Another reference here:

First, find ignoreip. It's always important for you to have a way in! These are IPs are fail2ban will ignore - IPs listed here can always have invalid login attempts and still not be blocked. In my file, I'm putting down the network ranges for my internal network ( as well as one other trusted IP address of a machine that I will be able to SSH into if need be. These need to be space separated! If they are not, fail2ban won't block anyone.

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