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Is there any way to make less program repeat first line (or first 2 lines) on every displayed page?

Is there any other pager program which can do this?

This would be a killer-app for database table browsing, think mysql or psql or gqlplus...

For those of you who don't get the idea, see the screenshot in the bottom of this page. I want to repeat header line + horizontal ascii bar.

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Thanks for all the answers, but finally I found a solution using Vim -> http://filip.rembialkowski.net/vim-as-a-pager-for-psql/. Comments welcome!

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Have you tried SQL Mode in Emacs/XEmacs?

It's certainly not as simple to use as more or less, but it does what your asking for, leaving a header row while scrolling results vertically and horizontally.

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Thanks, I don't know Emacs but it sound interesting. I would eventually need a shell script which would: start emacs, run psql there, (with given conn. params), enable sql-mode and do what I want (always freeze top 2 rows when there are query results larger than screen size). any hints on that? –  filiprem Dec 28 '11 at 14:03

You could use multiple 'regions' in screen:

$ cat screenrc.sql
escape ^aa  # adjust as needed
bind q quit # to quickly exit
screen 0 less ${FILE}
screen 1 less ${FILE}
split  # create two regions
focus top # starting with the top region
resize 4  # make it four lines (one for screen line, one for less prompt)
select 0  # display window 0
focus bottom  # in the bottom region
select 1  # display window 1 and focus here

Then you just need to set the $FILE environment variable:

$ FILE=$HOME/.bash_profile screen -mc screenrc.sql
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this is almost what I wanted, but (a) the top window does not scroll right, so it is useless for wide tables –  filiprem Dec 28 '11 at 19:53
Not sure what you mean by 'useless for wide tables'; screen can expand to the size of the terminal (if it doesn't run the fit screen command). I had thought that you didn't want the top to scroll. When I tested it on my own, both windows scroll as they should. The top scrolls two lines (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc.) and the bottom scrolls as needed. What is the behavior you are seeing/ –  Arcege Dec 28 '11 at 20:05

You can add a number before the 'forward' and it will scroll N lines, not a full length. So if your terminal window is 40 lines, type 38f to start scrolling only 38 lines, leaving the last 2 line from the last 'page.' From the manpage:

   SPACE or ^V or f or ^F
          Scroll forward N  lines,  default  one  window  (see  option  -z
          below).   If  N  is  more  than  the screen size, only the final
          screenful is displayed.  Warning: some systems use ^V as a  spe‐
          cial literalization character.

   z      Like  SPACE,  but  if  N is specified, it becomes the new window

   b or ^B or ESC-v
          Scroll backward N lines,  default  one  window  (see  option  -z
          below).   If  N  is  more  than  the screen size, only the final
          screenful is displayed.
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I need to keep first, not last N lines. As "freeze top N rows" in Google Spreadsheet. –  filiprem Dec 28 '11 at 13:29
Ah, sorry. I don't know if a utility that would do that. Then what I suggest is: use screen or tmux to create two panes, resize of the first one to two lines (resize 2) and then run less, in the second pane, run less normally. You could set this up as a script with a specific .screenrc file. See alternate answer. –  Arcege Dec 28 '11 at 14:14

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