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VIM newbie here. I'm trying to write a mapping that will let me move around 'common' insertion points in a line when in insert mode. For ex. I have the delimitMate plugin - so typing a opening delimiter automatically closes the delimiter and puts me in between. once I've typed the text that goes inside, I usually want to jump to the end of the delimiter and stay in insert mode. Taking this forward, for a function like below

 $("#someid").live("someevent", function (param1, param2) {

What I'd like is a insert mode mapping that lets me jump to after the first of any of the following delimiter chars (quote, double quote, parens, and/or EOL) and cycle over these points.

Checked VIM documentation for search - the \%l operator allows to restrict over a specific line number. I tried \%.l (. being current line ) - but this doesn't work. Any ideas?


:exe  "/\\%" . line(".") . "l[{}()\"':=\\[\\],]"

seems to work - but doesnt move the cursor to the match.

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Got this to work with the following.

inoremap <C-e> <C-o>:call search("\\%" . line(".") . "l[{}():=\\[\\]\.,]","We")<cr>

This moves the cursor to the matches on the current line, but there are two things that don't work well:

  1. there's a long pause everytime I hit the key
  2. It drops me in Ins mode before the matching character instead of after as I'd like.
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