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When I plug my ipod touch in and open Banshee, The itouch is recognized and sometimes I can play music I had previously synced from itunes but when I click the itouch icon the scroll bars only come up on the screen for music, podcasts and audiobooks but not videos. I think that it may not work because most of my videos are AVI or FLV. This leads to another question, is there some plugin that allows banshee to convert these formats on the fly and if not is there a way I can instruct banshee to sync only the duplicate videos that I have converted manually, Thank you for your input.

P.S. my ipod model is A1367 and I am Running ubuntu 11.10 on a sony VAIO VGC-25LTE

P. P. S. When I press sync three bars come up at the bottom left part of the banshee window and Banshee appears to synchronize all of the songs to my ipod, songs which fail to show up. Banshee also (only when syncronizing) does not recognize all of the songs synced by itunes.

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I've heard that the newest models are not supported, is this true? – Edmund Doyle Dec 29 '11 at 16:23

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