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I'm looking to switch from screen to tmux for my terminal multiplexing needs, but there's a feature of screen that I need to replicate in tmux: the -X option, which allows one to run arbitrary screen commands inside an existing screen session. This allows me to modify a running screen session's environment to point to a new X server, since my screen sessions tend to live longer than my X11 logins. For example, I could put something screen -X setenv DISPLAY $DISPLAY in my X11 startup scripts.

Anyway, is there a way in tmux to send arbitrary commands to a running tmux session? Alternatively, a way to update environment variables in a running tmux would be acceptable.

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It's just tmux, optionally with the -t option to select a session (corresponding to -S for Screen).

tmux set-environment DISPLAY $DISPLAY
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Answering the part of the question about updating the environment: tmux by default inherits certain variables from the client's environment when creating or reattaching a session.

From the manpage:

The update-environment session option may be used to update the session environment from the client when a new session is created or an old reattached.


So you don't have to do anything to get the updated DISPLAY setting when reattaching a session.

Note that this only takes effect for new windows or panes you create in the old session, but not existing windows.

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