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I have a Dual-Boot USB I created with Multisystem for booting into PartedMagic, Ubuntu 11.10 & Windows 7 Install. Problem is Windows 7 says it cant install on a GPT partition.

Googled, and found that I need an UEFI system (on ASUS H67M-PRO, supports UEFI BIOS, so this shouln't be the problem). I also need to have the correct efi files. I find efi files in my USB, so I think thats fine. But I think the files might not be loaded or something?

So I am thinking, do I need to do something special to boot into the UEFI installer for Windows 7 or something? For that I need to configure the GRUB on the USB? How?

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You need to reinstall the system and make sure that you boot the Ubuntu install media in EFI mode. This will prompt it to create the EFI system partition ( if you tell it to use the entire disk ) and install the EFI version of grub.

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How do I install Ubuntu in EFI mode? I wasn't asked about the EFI partition, and dont have one –  Jiew Meng Dec 31 '11 at 3:14
@jiewmeng, by having your bios boot the cd in EFI mode. You will get a grub menu instead of the usual syslinux boot menu. –  psusi Dec 31 '11 at 17:28

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