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I've used Ubuntu live and the start up disk creator tool to create a bootable usb with ubuntu.

I used the start up disk tool and I first clicked erase, to clear the contents of the usb, and then create disk. It completed successfully, but I cannot get my mac to recognize it as a bootable device. It does not show up in the startup disk list (in system preferences). I cannot get it see the device using 'option' or 'c' while rebooting.

How do I get mac to see it as a bootable device?

Thanks, -N

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There are two options:

  1. Using GParted, you can select the disk, right-click on the partition, then select "Manage Flags". From there, tick the "boot" flag.
  2. Run the command sudo syslinux -ma /dev/sdCX, where C is the specific mount drive of the USB drive (likely c or d), and X is the number of the partition (likely 1).
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