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Which linux distributions have good screen magnifier software, either freely available, or preinstalled with the OS?

Being a visually impaired nerd, I'd like to gain experience on as many platforms as possible. I've gotten accustomed to the smooth magnifying experience with the zoom functionality that comes with every Mac, so it would be nice if there is some software package available which gives me comparable results. This would greatly help me to get started with linux.

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I have heard a lot of good things about Vinux, It is designed with the Visually Impaired community, And i assume that it has the best of the best with the tools you probably need.

In general you can install most of the software you want, on whatever big distro you chose to use, but the above distro has all of that built in, and even the installation is designed for that.

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You can use GMAG or DynaMag which are magnifiers available for linux, where GMAG has many additional features like:

  1. continuous magnification while you work;
  2. optionally changes the contrast of the image;
  3. run-time configurable

You can download GMAG from the gnome-mag page, and read more about magnifiers here.

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