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I would like to run a script to rsync my home directory to another machine whenever I log out of Gnome. There is a way to hook into the Gnome logout process?

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The script /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default is run by root whenever someone quits his X session. You might add there something like

if [ ${USERNAME} = "myuser" ];then
  su myuser -c /home/myuser/logout.sh

before the exit 0.

Then create a file /home/myuser/logout.sh, make it executable and add your rsync call to it.

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You can add the script to the ~/.bash_logout script file (create it if it doesn't exist, but make sure to mark it as executable).

I'm actually searching for a way to do this only with the Gnome session, since using ~/.bash_logout will run for a Gnome session logout, but also any other (BASH) session logout as well (SSH console, etc.).

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