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I run Arch Linux with Gnome3. I need to escape from the "routine" and change to Gnome for some weeks or even months. When I open it I can't see the system menu (which is supposed to be right of "places") and cannot right click my desktop.

Is my Gnome corrupted? Is it rational?

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try pacman -Syu and check whether it get resolved or try gnome-tweak-tool -> file manager -> have the file manager handle the desktop – harish.venkat Dec 21 '11 at 21:43
Ok, found tweak tool...what about system menu? :S – py_script Dec 21 '11 at 22:21

As mentioned, the GNOME Tweak Tool will allow you to let the file manager manage the desktop which will bring back icons and context menu to your desktop. As for a system applications menu, if you don't like using the Overview, you could install GNOME Shell Extensions to add functionality. Check out 3 Taskbar Options for GNOME 3.2. The first taskbar option shown includes mgse-menu which is a pretty cool system menu.

There are a couple of other menu extensions available at extensions.gnome.org including an Applications menu and a Places menu.

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