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I need to place 2 USB (?) webcams that are looking at two doors. No sound needed, just a few things:

  • video files must be saved at least for 30 days (I have two eee pc's for the two webcams, so cable length doesn't matter)
  • video quality must be good enough [@night too! - infra cam needed]
  • timestamp on the video image

I have a netbook that can do the recording. OS: OpenBSD

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It is hard to see the connection to Unix or Linux at your question. – Hanan N. Dec 21 '11 at 6:17
Why do you need to place the webcams? – Peter David Carter-Poulsen Apr 20 at 10:51
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I would not use an USB webcam for it. Especially since the size limit of those (5m indeed). Also each webcam would require a seperate controller due to the bandwidth requirements.

Software like motion also supports IP webcams that output an MJPEG stream.

Consider buying a webcam with infrared leds unless the lighting is always guaranteed to be good. Well unless you decide to go for a Philips USB webcam with PWC chipset: those handle bad lighting pretty good. Other's produce lots of noise which gives problems when detecting motion.

Had very good experience with http://www.lavrsen.dk/foswiki/bin/view/Motion/WebHome (but I might be a little prejudiced).

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You can try a ZoneMinder SW...

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Other than zoneminder, which may be a bit overkill, try motion should be in the fedora repos, and is kicking about for rhel5 somewhere.

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