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I'm curious if anyone has had success with running Ubuntu or Debian on the latest Ultrabooks. Specifically, the Acer Aspire s3 or the Asus Zenbook?

I have had an Asus UL30a since they came out, but since the latest dist-upgrade landed linux-3 on my system, suspend/resume when on battery just dies. Works fine when plugged in so I assume it's trying to "Hibernate" when on battery.

Any experiences appreciated.

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I don't have either of those, but I did a quick search. I couldn't find much on the Zenbook, but the S3 had a review here:


Basically, The only problems are: 1) Fan 2) Bluetooth 3) Screen Brightness

Everything but the Bluetooth seems to have a work-around as well.

I say go for it. Good luck!

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