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I need to start a GUI application [Lotus Symphony] on a workspace different from the currently used one. [ex.: there are 4 workspaces on a GNOME desktop.]

Q: How do I do this?

p.s.: It's needed because Lotus Symphony's first start after a reboot is very, very slow, but after it's been used once, it starts very quickly. I think it caches itself. That's why I want to start it at every boot on a different workspace, so it will be fast later if I need to use it.

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I suppose it could be helpful to know what OS and what version of GNOME you are using. – enzotib Dec 17 '11 at 15:03
ubuntu 10.04 - gnome-desktop-data 1:2.30.2-0ubuntu1 – LanceBaynes Dec 17 '11 at 18:20
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Check out Devil's Pie (although i am not sure it would work with Gnome3), and you can find more useful information on stackoverflow bash.

Basically you should do the following:

wmctrl -n 8

firefox &
thunderbird &
/usr/bin/netbeans --locale en &
amsn &
gnome-terminal &
sleep 15

wmctrl -r firefox -t 0
wmctrl -r netbeans -t 1 
wmctrl -r terminal -t 2 
wmctrl -r amsn -t 6 
wmctrl -r thunderbird -t 7

#focus on terminal
wmctrl -a terminal 

(i have just copy & pase the above code from the StackOverFlow link above, since i think it is self explanatory).


See here for an easier solution at the best site for Gnome 3 extensions, you should install the Auto Move Windows extension for Gnome 3. In case it isn't working for you (as you can see at the link there are some distros that the automation of the installation isn't working right, get a more detailed exploitations here on how to get it work.

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