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So basically I have three files, two with permission 744 and one with 601 and I want to list the names of the files that have permission 744 and in addition, it also have to have string "def" anywhere in the lines of the file.

All I got is how to print out if they have permission 744:

find * -perm 744

How do I get it so it can check for string "def"?

Any help is appreciated.

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Follow your current options with

-exec grep -l def {} +


find * -perm 744 -exec grep -l def {} +

The -l option of grep tells it to just list the names of files where a match occurs, and since that is the only action for find, the output of grep will be all that you see.

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One possibility:

find * -perm 744 -print0 | xargs -0 grep -l def

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