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Possible Duplicate:
Does anybody here have experience in automating some tasks in web applications using curl?

There are a number of GUI based tools to test Web Service (e.g. soapUI)

Is there any our command line driven tool that can be used to test a Webservice. Not just the connectivity, but also capture and compare the result returned by a web service

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I've written a few by hand, always without the input-validation common to the "real" clients so that I could send bad inputs to the web service itself. – Bruce Ediger Dec 11 '11 at 18:01

either wget, or perl with one of the soap modules

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There is also curl - my personal favorite (imho more flexible than wget).

If you intend to monitor your web-servers don`t forget to set a special agent-string, so you can differentiate who accessed your server (if you do statistics).

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