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So there are:


hashes, but not for the latest:


Where can I find up-to-date hashes for it? [of course over HTTPS, not FTP or HTTP!!]

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Assuming you got it from, e.g, http://ftp.scientificlinux.org/linux/scientific/6.1/x86_64/iso/,

you'll find there a file called SHA256SUM (beside SHA1SUM) containing your hashes:

941dd2bffc361204efeb786bc978ed92a91c76bbdba617f4014666c7b133b3e1  SL-61-x86_64-2011-11-09-Install-DVD.iso


fdd8bf7c0f80522015251137696676eb63a835bd  SL-61-x86_64-2011-11-09-Install-DVD.iso


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of course over HTTPS, not FTP or HTTP!! – LanceBaynes Dec 9 '11 at 20:25
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I wrote an e-mail to the websites admin, and:


they updated the hashes!! :)

README x86_64 ISO Images
SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-boot.iso - sha1sum - cc2ef3a14493910c31598bf78c3523f722f6494e
SL-61-x86_64-2011-11-09-Everything-DVD1.iso - sha1sum - 3a6976c48cbad8a0e16ef902b176d5bc8e57b2c5
SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-Everything-DVD2.iso - sha1sum - 0dd829f14bd32be0bb6be5feedfd97062fe45b58
SL-61-x86_64-2011-11-09-Install-DVD.iso - sha1sum - fdd8bf7c0f80522015251137696676eb63a835bd
SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-LiveCD.iso - sha1sum - 2d9d09dc391c8283612adcde931029a327f6fe55
SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-LiveDVD.iso - sha1sum - 5fb0f7c94ca33f418eb64a64afad034dc6ab6037
SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-LiveMiniCD.iso - sha1sum - b1d528120e839f542c29e54b95780d48f7bde6d8 
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