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At my company, when I log into some servers, my last login and a huge banner are displayed:

me@my-laptop$ ssh the-server
Last login: Mon Feb  8 18:54:36 2016 from my-laptop.company.com 
*                                                                      *
*       C O M P A N Y    I N F O R M A T I O N   S Y S T E M S         *
*                                                                      *
* !WARNING!         Your connection has been logged          !WARNING! *
*                                                                      *
* This system is for the use of authorized personnel only.             *
* Individuals using this *computer system without authorization,       *
* or in excess of their authority as determined by the Company         *
* Code of Ethics and  Acceptable Use Policy, are subject to having all *
* of their activities on this system monitored, recorded and/or        *
* terminated by system personnel.                                      *
* If such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal  activity,  *
* Company may provide said evidence to law enforcement officials,      *
* in compliance with its confidentiality obligations and all           *
* applicable national laws/regulations with regards to data privacy.   *
*                                                                      *
*      This device is maintained by Company Department                 *
*                  admin@company.com                                   *

Of course, I don't want this huge banner displayed every time I login, but I would like to keep the last login time and host displayed.

If I use touch ~/.hushlogin, the banner is not displayed but I also loose the the last login information. In fact, nothing at all is displayed:

ssh the-server

How do I remove the banner but keep the last login time and host, like this:

 ssh the-server
 Last login: Mon Feb  8 18:54:36 2016 from my-laptop.company.com
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One way would be to add the following to ~/.ssh/rc, which contains commands to be run when you ssh into the machine:

lastlog -u $USER | perl -lane 'END{print "Last login: @F[3..6] $F[8] from $F[2]"}'

The command will get the time of your last login from lastlogin and then format it so that it looks like the original version. You can now touch ~/.hushlogin and you will still see that message.

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Nice one. I finally went for last -w | grep "$USER" | head -n1 | perl -lane 'END{print "Last login: @F[3..6] $F[8] from $F[2]"}' because lastlog was truncating my hostname. – Xion345 Feb 8 at 18:33
@Xion345 Rather than grepping for your username (which might get you someone else with a longer username that contains yours), you can use last -w "$USER" | ... there – Monty Harder Feb 8 at 21:36
You also might want to know if the /etc/motd changes, so could also add: cmp /etc/motd ~/.hushlogin.motd || cat /etc/motd && cp /etc/motd ~/.hushlogin.motd – rrauenza Feb 8 at 22:55

Having your .bash_profile call lastlog -u "$USER" gets you something pretty close. Output looks like:

Username         Port     From             Latest
anthony          pts/7    192.168.XX.YY    Sun Feb  7 16:00:40 -0500 2016

where of course I redacted the IP address.

last -w -n 1 gets a similar record, but from a different database.

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