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chkconfig portreserve off

So that portreserve will not run at next boot. Can any bad things happen? I mean I think it's better to use "KISS" so that minimal applications will listen on

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According to the discussion that led to portreserve, you probably can do without if you don't use cupsd and don't experience random port binding failures on boot due to a misbehaving portmap. (This implies that you most certainly can do without if you can do without portmap.)

I don't quite understand your reasoning with binding to address, as it's about port numbers as far as I understood.

In the end, portreserve doesn't add that much bloat to the system, while it gains you some predictability on boot-up

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from my understanding, if a program listens on then that means that if there is no firewall, then the program could be reached from "outside" the pc. – LanceBaynes Dec 9 '11 at 20:27

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