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Sometimes I start a program that takes a very long time to finish (emerge), then realize that I should go to bed instead of waiting for it. If I know this in the first place I would run

program; halt

However, now that I have started the program already, how can I "schedule" the computer to shutdown when that process finishes? Would Ctrl+z then fg; halt be OK?

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Yes, that would work.

If unsure, you may test it with

  • sleep 15

  • Ctrl+z

  • fg; echo "it works"

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thanks, and btw the test is handy :) – phunehehe Oct 1 '10 at 19:10

Another way is to just type halt in your terminal while the first command is running; as long as the first command doesn't read input at some point it will sit in the terminal's buffer and the shell will read it when the first program ends

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Using the wait command

$ sleep 10 &
[1] 29703
$ wait 29703 && echo hello
[1]+  Done                    sleep 10
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