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I installed TinyOS on RedHat for academic purposes. Now I can't log in to the system. I logged in in single user mode.

Then I tried to log in. I couldn't login as any user. I couldn't start the X server manually. When it boots up, the system doesn't start the X server.

Then I executed these commands

sh# hostname
sh# source .bashrc

bash-: gives a path relevant to TinyOS and says unable to find it

Then session stops.
Actually there is no such file.

How can I solve this?

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Actually I figured it out. There is a directory /etc/profile.d/ and when we log in with bash, all the .sh files are executed before others. There is a tinyos.sh and It can't find the directory (that I have mentioned) when it executes. That may be problem the system get stuck. This is my fault. But I got some ideas. I needed to find the file that execute environment variables in a different way. I search all the files that sets the EV. By mistakenly I found this. Thank You ! – sura2k Dec 1 '11 at 9:48

what is the current shell ? Is it bash? echo $0

when you execute bash, try . /path/to/.bashrc and see if that loads the environment.

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