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In bash, if I run this command:

echo aaaaaaa

I get aaaaaaa (duh)

But then if I type in


I end up with baaaaaa

What would I type to end up with bbbbbbb ?

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While it doesn't save keystrokes except in very rare complex cases, you also have the option of fc to edit commands in your preferred editor. – jw013 Nov 30 '11 at 3:13
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In bash, I don't think you can combine the ^ shortcut with any modifier. That leaves the long form:


In zsh, the G modifier is a special case, you can use it with ^:

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^search^replacement is syntactic sugar for !:s/search/replacement/, which is explained in this answer. The version that replaces all instances is !:gs/search/replacement/; I think that's the shortest form there is

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