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I am running CentOS 6 and I am trying to grep the output of top and redirect it to a file.


top -u user1 -n 1 | /bin/grep somecommand &> scratch.txt

The output of vim scratch.txt is

^[(B^[[m21329 user1    20   0 2855m 816m 757m S 607.2  1.3  86:36.36 somecommand                                                     ^[(B^[[m^[[39;49m

The output of cat scratch.txt is

21329 user1    20   0 2855m 816m 757m S 607.2  1.3  86:36.36 somecommand

QUESTION : Why do I see funny characters in vim and how do I get rid of them?

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add -b for batch mode – Rui F Ribeiro Jan 15 at 15:23
That is a winner, add as answer please. – irritable_phd_syndrom Jan 15 at 15:24
Browsing this at work. Enjoy. – Rui F Ribeiro Jan 15 at 15:26
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tops default output is intended for terminal. As such is uses various control codes (invisible when viewed in a terminal). Those include various ways to move around the screen. Style output etc.

To get a more friendly output for text files / editing or what ever use the batch mode.

top -b ...
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