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I have file content as:

this line 1 no un1x
this lines 22 0
butbutbut this 33 22 has unix
but not 1
THIS is not
butbutbut ffff
second line

awk 'NR==2 && NR==3 {f=$0;next}  NR ==5 &&f{print;print f}' awk.write

The problem here that in f I can only save value of nr==3 I want to move the lines 2 and 3 after line 5.

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What is with the other lines? Should they be printed too, or only line 5 and then 2 and 3? – chaos Jan 8 at 8:41
yes other lines should follow through. – asadz Jan 8 at 8:42
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One way:

awk 'NR==2 || NR==3{a[i++]=$0;next}1;NR==5{for(j=0;j<2;j++){print a[j];}}' file
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$ awk '
  FNR == 2 { l2 = $0; next } # Save 2nd line
  FNR == 3 { l3 = $0; next } # Save 3rd line
  FNR == 5 {                 # Print 5th line, follow 2nd, 3rd
    print l2
    print l3
  1                          # Print other lines
' <file

Note that if you will lose the 2nd and 3rd line if the file had less than five lines.

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excellent, may i know at the END why print l2 and l3 again? – asadz Jan 8 at 8:54
@asadz: Just want to handle the case where file is less than five lines, but the solution will be complex. Added a note. – cuonglm Jan 8 at 8:56
awk 'NR == 2 || NR == 3 {l = l RS $0; next}
     NR == 5 {$0 = $0 l}
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You need multiple variables or an array. With awk:

awk 'NR==2||NR==3{a[i++]=$0;next} NR==5{print;for(c=0;c<i;c++){print a[c]}next}1' file

  • NR==2||NR==3 if it's line 2 or line 3
    • a[i++]=$0;next fill array a and continue.
  • NR==5 if it's line 5
    • print first print the line.
    • for(c=0;c<i;c++){print a[c]} loop trough the array and print its contents.
  • 1 is a true condition to print each line.
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Thanks, but did you run this cmd? I don't think it delivers the right results – asadz Jan 8 at 8:48
Note that for (i in a) returned in unspecified order, so line 2 can become after line3. – cuonglm Jan 8 at 8:49
@asadz I corrected the command – chaos Jan 8 at 13:21

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